Once completed, our Rural Education Centre will be home to 10 young people facing trauma-based addiction issues and who require more therapy than is offered in our sixteen-week program. The one-year, opt-in program will provide the youth with life and work skills instruction, and educational opportunities, while they continue to receive therapeutic counselling support. Our clients will discover all aspects of working on a sustainable farm, including: animal husbandry; bee keeping; maintaining orchards; soil management; harvesting; cooking; and construction. They will also have the opportunity to learn business, management and leadership best practices. Throughout their journey we also hope they will discover, through insight and empowerment, their inner strength and the power they have to shape their futures.When finished their stay we will continue to work with them over the next few years to ensure that they continue to do well.

Dan’s Legacy is a foundation which seeks to create an environment where youth have the chance to experience a sense of belonging, teamwork, and trust. Dan’s Legacy is not about the need, but rather meeting the need. Through the programs and services offered through its Rural Education Centre, Dan’s Legacy strives to have an even greater impact on the lives of these deserving young men and women, who are meeting their mental health challenges with courage, determination and success.

This will be an expensive venture for such a young organization but it is desperately needed for Metro Vancouver.

We are now looking for suitable land as well as for donors who wish to invest in this life changing project.

Anticipated costs are approximately $20,000 per youth for a year of such intensive programming. But the cost of not intervening with a youth person who is starting down the trail of addictions over the next ten years of their life is in the millions and that does not consider the chaos created within their lives, their families or within their communities.

Donate to the Rural Education Centre Fund

Donate to the Rural Education Centre Fund to help change the lives of young people in need of the help this centre will provide.