Building on the success of our pilot program with the Asante Centre, we are working on creating a 12-month program starting this Fall. Time and location to be determined but you are invited to register now.

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Submit online below or download PDF: Supported Program for Youth with FASD Download Form

Please tell us more about yourself!

Do you have a diagnosis of (or do you self-identify as having) FASD?

Are you First Nations?

Are you currently (or have you been) in foster care?

Do you have transportation to and from the workshops?

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The focus of this weekly series of workshops is to help participants develop self-advocacy skills, learn self-regulation, and work towards meeting their personal life, work, and educational goals. Therapeutic counselling will be available free of charge to participants requesting this service.

A hot meal will be served from 5:00pm – 6:00pm. 

Youth with FASD are predisposed to mental health concerns, are more likely to endure trauma, and are at risk for poor life outcomes such as early school dropout, justice involvement, unemployment, homelessness and addiction. Through this series of mentor-led workshops, under the clinical supervision of Dan’s Legacy’s trained therapists, we will help close a gap identified by this cohort who see mentorship as a primary need and predictor of future positive outcomes.