Trauma Informed Therapy & Recovery

About Dan’s Legacy

Dan’s Legacy provides trauma-informed and culturally sensitive counselling and life-skills intervention programs to youth affected by mental health and addictions issues. We go directly to the youth wherever they are, attempt to maintain a no-wait list, and provide our services for free.

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Our Trauma Informed Approach to Counselling

Our counselling and life-skills programming is trauma informed and culturally sensitive, using evidence-based modalities of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and Mindfulness.

Trauma Informed Recovery  – Opioid Treatment

When a client presents with an opioid addiction resulting from prior trauma, it is imperative that we treat the trauma first and then the addiction. Too often treatment is focused first on the addiction, which can unintentionally set up the client for relapse.

For more information on how we are working as a team with our clients and physicians to provide safe supply while the client is in trauma therapy, please download the document below.