Mental Health Week – The Story of “Denne”

“Denne” (22) has had an eventful few years, some good, but many bad. After years of trauma as a child in foster care, they ended up homeless, couch surfing and into party mode. When “Denne” came out as Queer, they immediately lost whatever family ties and former friends they had had.

Dan’s Legacy connected “Denne” with our community partner Aunt Leah’s Place where they found help securing housing, and then started counselling with our therapist which helped them turn things around. They have been regular attendees at our weekly Sunday Haven community dinner; it has become the social glue that gives young people like “Denne” a chance to start connecting to community.

When selecting items for their hamper at our food bank, “Denne” always pick the things the other youth don’t want. They have discovered cooking and have lots of great recipes for eggplants!

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Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash