TELUS Friendly Future Foundation Provides $18,000 Grant to Dan’s Legacy

MAY 12, 2020 The TELUS Friendly Future Foundation recently provided a grant of $18,000 to Dan’s Legacy to support the charity’s response to the COVID-19 public health crisis. The funds will go towards Dan’s Legacy’s trauma and culturally informed counselling programs for at-risk youth in Metro Vancouver. “The TELUS Friendly Future Foundation has been a … Read more

Mental Health Week – The Story of “Jacob”

“Jacob”, (23) is half Indigenous and born into a family with a history of alcoholism. As a child he was unaware of his Indigenous heritage but when it was revealed, he became the victim of racist bullying in elementary school. “Jacob” also experienced many other forms of trauma in childhood which led to anxiety, depression, … Read more

Mental Health Week – The Story of “Denne”

“Denne” (22) has had an eventful few years, some good, but many bad. After years of trauma as a child in foster care, they ended up homeless, couch surfing and into party mode. When “Denne” came out as Queer, they immediately lost whatever family ties and former friends they had had. Dan’s Legacy connected “Denne” … Read more

Mental Health Week – The Story of “Ron”

“Ron” (21) grew up bouncing back and forth between foster care and living with an aunt. When he first started counselling sessions with Dan’s Legacy he exhibited dangerous behaviour such as hard drug use, suicide ideation, and dissociative episodes that were sometimes criminal. But after six months of therapy he is well into the trauma … Read more

Mental Health Week – The Story of “Stacey”

“Stacey” (22) was raised by a single mom; her father left when she was five, but her parents’ violent relationship had already imprinted on her. From her teens to young adulthood she went from dysfunctional relationship to another. She is now single and raising a toddler. Over the past year she worked hard with Dan’s … Read more