Unveiling Dan’s Diner: A Social Culinary Revolution in New Westminster

In an exciting collaboration, Dan’s Legacy and the City of New Westminster proudly announce a transformative social enterprise – Dan’s Diner – which launched on November 15, 2023. Our innovative initiative not only empowers at-risk youth with valuable skills for success but also provides the local community with access to affordable and nutritious meals. Dan’s Diner, funded by Public Safety Canada’s “Building Safer Communities Fund”, is specifically designed to combat gun and gang violence among youth through supportive diversion programs.

Nurturing Skills, Nourishing Communities

Dan’s Diner marks the evolution of our  Intro to Cook program, which was launched in 2020 during the pandemic but still ran successfully for over two years. Among the 46 Intro to Cook graduates, a remarkable number seamlessly transitioned into the workforce or pursued advanced training for Red Seal certification. The remaining graduates continue to benefit from the ongoing support of our no-fee counselling and wrap-around support programs.

This venture is not just about providing meals; it’s about fostering growth and development in the community’s youth. The Building Safer Communities Fund has paved the way for an inclusive and supportive initiative that extends beyond culinary training.

A Sustainable Model: Turning Surplus Into Success

Functioning on a sustainable model, Dan’s Diner sources its ingredients from donated surplus food. Under the guidance of seasoned chefs, trainees at the diner learn to repurpose these ingredients into delectable and nutritious pre-packaged soups, stews, and curries. The diner serves as a hub for service training, and the resulting meals are now available for purchase to the public.

A small selection of the astonishing amount of surplus food we collect every day.

Where and When to Experience Dan’s Diner

Dan’s Diner welcomes you to experience this culinary revolution at #150 – 131 11th Street in New Westminster. The diner is open on weekdays (excluding statutory holidays) from 11:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Join the Movement: Support Dan’s Diner

This is more than just a diner; it’s a transformative initiative that not only contributes to the skill development of at-risk youth but also provides the community with wholesome, accessible and affordable dining options. By supporting Dan’s Diner, you play a vital role in building a brighter future for everyone.

Come, savour the flavours of success, and join us in empowering our youth and fostering a stronger, safer community.