Staff Collaborate During Cultural Values Workshop

On April 24, the team at Dan’s Legacy attended an all-day Cultural Values Workshop at the Freemasons Hall in New Westminster.

The goal was to get everyone together to discuss the collective shared values that make up the staff and the backbone of Dan’s Legacy.

The project to define our values was headed up by our Fundraising Committee and chaired by Director Wayne Cousins who led a fantastic day of collaboration filled with lots of engagement, thoughtfulness, and respectful conversation.

One of the key take aways from the day was how closely we are aligned with regards to both the passion and professionalism that we all bring to the cause.

Off the back of this successful day, we will be holding regular meetings with team representatives to further build out the strategic frameworks to effectively implement the goals that were defined during this workshop.

We thank everyone who was able to attend for their participation, including our very own Dan’s Diner staff who catered the event with tasty snacks and a delicious lunch that kept us all going throughout the day!