Surrey’s Sukhi Bath Motors Supports Dan’s Legacy’s Recovered Food Program

More people facing food insecurity issues in the Lower Mainland will get help from Dan’s Legacy Foundation, thanks to the purchase of a 3-tonne, refrigerated truck from Surrey’s Sukhi Bath Motors. The company donated $20,000 of the purchase price of the truck to the charity, which will be used to collect and distribute donated food throughout Surrey, New Westminster, and Burnaby.

“The generous people at Sukhi Bath Motors are well known for their philanthropy in the community, and we are thrilled with their generous support,” says Barbara Coates, Dan’s Legacy’s executive director. “Being able to source and redistribute more edible food, especially when so many people are struggling these days, will have a significant impact.”

We collect donated surplus food from 6 grocery stores every day and distributes the products to 11 community partners operating food banks or soup kitchens. In 2023 we diverted close to 190,000kg of food and provided over 340,000 meals. With the additional food collection, we predict we will double these numbers.

“Sukhi Bath Motors has always been a proud member of the community here in the Lower Mainland, and we pride ourselves on giving back to those in need,” says Jeven Bath, Sukhi Bath Motors’ Chief Executive Officer. “We are thrilled to be a part of the growth of Dan’s Legacy Foundation’s Recovered Food Program which distributes much needed assistance while training youth at risk.”

A portion of the food collected is also redistributed into our work skills development programs for youth at risk. Youth learn basic cooking skills and small restaurant operations, as well as inventory management and “swamping” (drivers assistant) to help prepare them for full time employment. Dan’s Legacy’s work skills development program is clinically supported by our counselling and wrap-around programs, ensuring the youth are able to maintain their employment and mental health stability.

If you or someone you know is asking for help, they can self-refer here.